Salvaje Festival

SALVAJE is a proposal of the group of performing arts La TRISTURA for the cultural management course AUTOBARRIOS Sancristóbal. This festival has been organized with young learners of the course #culturabajopuente: Yasyn Hlaloum, Nuria Jimenez, Nhoa R. Palomo, Sandra and Cesar Romero Reyeros. Autobarrios SanCristobal is a project of Basurama & Sarah Deutsch Fdez in collaboration with the local associations Casa San Cristobal- Fundación Montemadrid and Educación Cultura y Solidaridad.

Promotional video made by Yasyn Hlaloum for the Cultural Management Course Autobarrios Sancristóbal.

Day 1: Public domain, Roger Bernat.

Day 2: Observe how tiredness defeats thought, El Conde de Torrefiel.

Day 3: Take a walk on the wild side, Emilio Rivas.

You can find more information about the festival on the following links:

Salvaje Festival Web
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Casa San Cristobal and La Casa Encendida – Montemadrid Foundation