Urban Platforms II

Carrying out community processes is not a new or local practice, for decades it has been practice in all parts of the world. Yet we have found that most of these initiatives suffer from the same challenges and problems: evaluation models that do not exist or uncertainties regarding social and economic sustainability, non-existent protocols, articulated, etc. This situation becomes more dramatic when we see that the majority of the organizations that lead these processes, although they share challenges with their peers, they are not in communication; There is no connection that allows sharing knowledge, resources, problems, etc.

With the intention of articulating a proposal to finance a long-term program, Basurama has organized these days with the objective of preparing a draft to design a project with which to work in depth on models of city construction based on citizen participation. The aim is not so much to reach concrete results as to establish common questions, share resources, stimulate ways of working and possible ways.

Concretion will come through future work.