Sancristobal Auto-Neighborhood

Auto-Neighborhood Sancristobal was launched in January 2012 in the Madrid suburb of San Cristobal de los Angeles. During the first twelve months, the project worked with social agents and neighborhood initiatives. Along this period autobarrios was linked to existing processes, becoming into a excuse to consolidate them. From these encounters a platform integrated by different local associations was shaped. This platform defined Autobarrios Sancristóbal, as a collective process to reactivate an abandoned place, reinventing its function and use, by building an evocative urban space by and for young people and neighborhood residents.

Since then, the project has followed a natural process based on consolidating the bonds of trust between the different actors and to connect and strengthen the network of local resources. This network defines, nurtures and enables the initiative.

Nowadays, this process continues growing and enabling the activation and management of urban space. A space does not stop in the physical construction, furthermore it’s continuously developed through a social and cultural production.

You can find more images of the project in our facebook: Autobarrios Sancristóbal.